SOS - Safeguarding Alert

If you are in an environment or a situation where you are unable to report a concern to us directly, you can use this form to discreetly report a safeguarding alert regarding your personal safety.

Please note: We can only contact you or the police during operating hours, within term time, and outside of bank holidays and weekends.

Our Safeguarding team's operating hours are:
Monday – Thursday: 9:00am – 5:00pm
Friday: 9:00am – 4:00pm

We will aim to get back to you within 24 hours, and will not contact you outside of any safe times you enter into this form. If you give us a phone number to contact you on and we can’t get through, we will try again. We will not leave voicemails, for your safety.

Using this form discreetly (click to expand)

Submitting this form will not automatically send you a text, email or phone call. You will only be contacted via the method(s) you select and within any timeframes you specify.

The only trace of having used this form will be on your device's browser history, router's logs, and with your Internet Service Provider. Additionally, if any parental control software is in use on your device or router then this software may log your access to this page.

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About You

Your safety

If you select that you are in immediate danger, we will contact the police on your behalf.

If you are in immediate danger, and have access to a phone, please call the police on 999.

Where are you now?*

Cannot find your current location?

How can we contact you?*

Usually, the safest form of contact is by phone at a time you’ll be alone. If you want to be contacted by email, consider whether you need to secure your account or device first.

We can call at a time of your choosing
We can email at a time of your choosing
We can call a friend or call your work. We can call at a time of your choosing.
You can come to us, or specify a time for us to discreetly talk to you
If none of the above will work for you, we'll try to contact you another way of your choosing

Calling your phone

Emailing you

Calling you on someone else's phone

Speaking to you in College

You can speak to us at student support behind the reception desk of our Bishop Auckland Campus.

Contacting you another way

Additional Information

For instance, are there any other children or family members involved?