Learning Support

Additional Learning Support

At SWDT we are committed to making sure that all students receive the additional learning support they need to achieve their goals. Individualised support is available for all students who need it at SWDT.

Help us to understand your needs

Please let us know about your support needs as soon as you can. The team will contact you and arrange to meet with you to start to plan your support.

You can also contact us before you apply for a chat about your needs and to find out more details of what support you could receive.

What kind of support can we offer?

We can provide:

  • Extra Tuition
  • Specialist support for learning difficulties
  • Support Assistance to work with you in class
  • Help with personal care/medical needs
  • Support wih note-taking in class
  • Special arrangements for examinations/assessments

Examination and Assessment

You may need to take an examination or assessment as part of your studies. It is essential that you discuss your needs with us as soon as possible. The range of special arrangements may include:

  • Extra time
  • Use of a reader
  • Use of a scribe
  • Alternative accommodation

You can call us on 01325 313 194 or email admin@swdt.co.uk to discuss your needs.