COVID 19 January 2022 Update

Arrangements for return to South West Durham Training week beginning Tuesday, January 4th

I hope you have all had a lovely Christmas and enjoyed your break. Following new guidance received on January 2nd from the Department for Education, new arrangements have been made in the training centre to mitigate against the spread of the Omicron variant of Covid-19 as follows:

(i) Lateral flow testing All students and apprentices are encouraged to take a lateral flow test at home before starting the new term if this is possible. SWDT is also scheduling lateral flow tests for all full-time students as early as possible this week, with regular testing to follow. Any students/apprentices exhibiting any symptoms of Covid and/or a positive lateral flow test should not attend SWDT but instead arrange a PCR test at one of the local testing centres. Any absence must be reported in the usual way. Students should return to the training centre only after a negative test result or following the mandatory isolation period if tested positive. Government guidance can be found here:

(ii) Mask wearing It will be a requirement for all students/apprentices to wear masks throughout the day, unless exempt. This includes in classrooms, workshops and communal areas including corridors, and when entering and leaving the centre. Please bring your own face coverings to SWDT. If this is not possible there will be face coverings available as you enter the building for those who need them.

The health, wellbeing and safety of all of our students, apprentices and staff, and their families is vitally important to us, so please follow the instructions above. Any questions should be directed to your course tutor or student progress mentor in the first instance. Thank you for your support and our very best wishes for a happy and successful year ahead in 2022.