Investing in the latest technology for our apprentices

At SWDT we are always looking to develop the engineering curriculum that we deliver to our students in line with regional employer needs.

We are committed to continuing to invest in key equipment to support the future development and training of our apprentices across multiple disciplines and engineering sectors.

Here are some examples of the latest technology we have introduced at SWDT:

Industrial Process Control

Some of our apprentices and budding future apprentices are pictured here with our newly-acquired Industrial Process Control systems supplied by German manufacturer GUNT.

This training rig facilitates practical learning of three controlled variables which are commonplace in process engineering, such as at pharmaceutical productions sites like GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), who SWDT has a number of apprentices with.

FARO arm

Here machinist tutor Tony Garnett is demonstrating the FARO arm. This CMM (coordinate measuring machine) is used in a number of ways in engineering including:

• Dimensional analysis - collecting information on parts to compare data to drawings and blueprints

• CAD-based inspection - measuring against CAD model data to gain real-time feedback

• On-machine inspection - inspecting a part before, during and after its production on the machine tool producing it.

These machines are used widely in industry and particularly in precision engineering in companies such as DPE in Newton Aycliffe, who employ SWDT apprentices past and present.

CNC plasma cutter

We have also just installed and commissioned our new CNC plasma cutter. This SWIFTCUT Pro and its user-friendly software enables high speed precision cutting of a variety of metals from 1mm to 12mm.

Its 'nesting software' can take a single design, multiply it and transfer this to the plate material in the most efficient way possible, while minimising waste and maximising output.

Larger scale CNC machines like this are used in fabrication and welding manufacturing companies such as BTS Facades, who recently recruited a metal fabricator apprentice with SWDT.

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