Applying for an apprenticeship


Course Dates:
This course has flexible course dates.
Apprenticeships are funded by employers.

How to apply

SWDT works in partnership with many employers, from individual tradespersons to multinational companies, and has an excellent track record of training apprentices in a range of occupational areas. Applicants need to be aware, however, that apprenticeships only become available when an employer is looking to recruit. So whilst you can apply, there is no guarantee that you will gain an apprenticeship first time around. The process begins with the application and, if you meet the entry requirements, we work with the employer and a shortlisting of candidates takes place. This may involve a series of interviews, a presentation and sometimes a practical assessment.

Course Requirements

  • Minimum of five GCSEs at grades A* - C (Level 4 and above) including maths and English (or equivalent)
  • Alternatively, you may have completed a suitable full-time programme at Level 2 and have Level 2 qualifications in maths and English ·
  • You will be interviewed by SWDT and the employer to assess your suitability and interest in the programme. If you are unsuccessful in acquiring an apprenticeship, you will be offered a full time course at SWDT and this can often lead to an apprenticeship in the future.

How does an apprenticeship work?

Often the first year of your apprenticeship is carried out full time in the training centre; this is at the discretion of the employer. Eventually you will work four days with your employer and one day at SWDT for practical training, theory, assessment and study support.

What apprenticeships does SWDT offer?

At SWDT we offer a range of apprenticeships including:

  • Engineering, design and draughtsperson
  • Machinist/engineering technician
  • Maintenance operations engineering technician
  • Engineering fabrication and welding
  • Electrical installation
  • Plumbing and gas.

How much do you earn?

As an apprentice you will earn as you learn. Employers are free to pay above the apprenticeship wage and many do so, but employers must ensure that they are paying their apprentices at least the minimum apprenticeship wage (currently £4.15 per hour, aged 16).

Materials needed

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), tools and equipment within the training centre is provided by SWDT.

What can you do when you complete your apprenticeship?

You can progress either onto our Higher Level Apprenticeship or our Higher National Certificate (HNC) Level 4 course or Higher National Diploma (HND) Level 5 course, or apply to university to study an engineering degree.