Harry Bell, Advanced Apprenticeship – Engineering Technical Support

Harry was studying A Level Engineering when an Apprentice Opportunity arose at Millmasters International in Newton Aycliffe.

Harry is training to be an Apprentice Design Engineer, and when he has successfully completed his apprenticeship, will create tooling designs, design production machines and also be involved in creating the operating manuals for them too.

“I like the apprenticeship as I get to see both sides of the job, the college, i.e. the academic part, but also I feel like I am contributing to the company when I am at work. I feel the work/college balance is right for me”.

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Joe Pratley, Advanced Apprenticeship – Science Industry Maintenance Technician

Joe was a successful, freelance, BMX and MTB Trials rider, working for a number of different production companies on TV, Film and live action events before successfully gaining an Apprenticeship, with multinational company “blue-chip” 3M, as a Maintenance Technician working from their Newton Aycliffe factory.

“I was always interested in making things, and fixing anything that moved, whether my bikes, cars or engines. I knew that I wanted a change of career but it had to be something that interested me and that I would enjoy”.

“I feel the apprenticeship route is the right one for me to go on and become a “time served” Technician”.

“As long as you have the right attitude work and learning, an apprenticeship programme will provide you with the knowledge and skills that will make you a good engineer”.

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Courtney Lonsdale, Advanced Apprenticeship – Engineering Technician (Mechatronics)

“When I was at school I always thought about going into engineering, mainly motor vehicle, but I was persuaded to go to do other subjects at college”.

Courtney followed a Hair and Beauty and Sport route at college, before gaining employment as a production operative in a factory in Newton Aycliffe.

“I enjoyed the environment and started to become interested in the maintenance aspects of the production line. I knew that when the right engineering opportunity arose, especially if it was a engineering apprenticeship, I had to go for it”.

Courtney successfully secured a 4 Year Mechatronics Maintenance Apprenticeship in August 2019 and is working for Smurfitkappa at their West Auckland Site.

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Thomas Lavender – Advanced Apprenticeship (Design and Draughtsperson)

Thomas left school unsure as to which Engineering pathway he wanted to go down either the academic or vocational.

“I chose a mix of the two and studied for a 2-year BTEC Leve3 in Engineering. When the opportunity of an Apprenticeship as CAD designer came up locally, I took it”. Thomas gained the opportunity to become a Design and Draughtsperson with M5Tec, a bespoke engineering design solutions company specialising in areas such as nuclear, oil and gas and renewable energies.

“As M5tec have invested their time in me, and continue to do so (Thomas is currently on year 2 of an Engineering HNC), I feel I am an integral part of its ongoing growth”

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