South West Durham Training Centre remains closed to all learners following the move to remote teaching and assessment on Monday March 23rd, in line with Department for Education guidance.

The centre closed following the Government’s escalation of social distancing measures and subsequent discussions with parents/carers, learners and employers.

All staff and learners are now working remotely from home. For advice on accessing online learning resources and remote tutor support visit: bacoll.ac.uk/Documents/2020/3/Student-Guide-to-Online-Learning.pdf

For the latest advice from the NHS and Public Health England on COVID-19 (coronavirus) visit: gov.uk/government/publications/covid-19-stay-at-home-guidance

We remain committed to supporting all of our students, apprentices and staff during these difficult times. Please monitor the website and our social media channels for regular updates.

Current learners and apprentices

Although the centre is closed, it is very important that you carry on your studies, working remotely, in order to complete your qualification successfully.

You will either have been provided with printed work to complete, or your tutor will have uploaded work to the centre’s online platform Moodle.

As a reminder, you can access Moodle from home by going to http://portal.bacoll.ac.uk and logging on using your email address and password as usual. You will find work there to complete and you will be able to communicate with your tutor.

You will be able to contact your tutors either through Moodle or by email; if you aren’t sure of their email address, all staff college email addresses follow the same format, (e.g. jsmith@swdt.co.uk firstinitial.surname@swdt.co.uk). Staff will also keep in touch through telephone calls, text messages and social media where that is appropriate.

You will receive regular telephone calls from your tutors to check on progress and provide you with support over the telephone. For full-time students, your progress mentor will also be in touch on a weekly basis.

Progress Mentors can be contacted by email and their mobile between Monday to Friday: email: julie.mcmanus@bacoll.ac.uk tel: 07824 417764

The centre also has a general enquiries line that will be open from 8.30am until 4.30pm Monday to Thursday and 8.30am until 4pm on a Friday: email: enquiries@swdt.co.uk tel: 01325 313194

For more advice on accessing remote support visit: bacoll.ac.uk/Documents/2020/3/Student-Guide-to-Online-Learning.pdf

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