To furnish the delegate with a basic knowledge of hydraulics.

This course is for those wanting a basic introduction to pneumatics/hydraulics

Course Content

  • Basic concepts and theory connected with fluid power systems
  • Safety in connection with hydraulic systems
  • Symbol recognition BS2917/ISO1219 symbols and schematic layout
  • Basic circuit component recognition
  • Use of flow control in simple circuits to control speed
  • Use of pressure control in simple circuits to limit force
  • Metric system of measurement in connection with fluid power
  • Calculation of: Flow and Force
  • Types of hydraulic fluid and care of fluids
  • Proportional control of flow and speed
  • Linear, rotary and rod-less actuators
  • Pressure, flow and directional control valves
  • Materials and construction of valves and actuators
  • Use of cushioning in cylinders
  • Storage of equipment
  • Pneumatic distribution systems
  • Drying of compressed air
  • Pipework safety
  • Use of accumulators in hydraulic systems


Entry Requirements

No Formal Requirements


Course Cost

£495 + VAT

£594 Inc VAT 


Course Duration

3 days